z9HANC Food Allergy Awareness. Students in kindergarten through fourth grade at HANC’s Samuel & Elizabeth Bass Golding Elementary School in West Hempstead participated in a weeklong allergy awareness program designed to teach students about the dangers of food allergies and to be sensitive to their friends who have food allergies.

The program was designed and run by parents Mrs. Drorit Bench, Mrs. Miryam Holtzman, and Mrs. Tova Haironson, who all have allergies, as do their children (and even their pets). The parents went into the classrooms and talked to the students about the potential dangers of food allergies, how to recognize when someone is having an allergic reaction, and how to be caring and sensitive to friends with allergies who may not be able to eat the same foods. After the classroom session, each student was given an “allergy pal,” a stuffed animal with a designated allergy, to care for. The students needed to make sure that their allergy pal stayed safe and didn’t come near any of the foods that would cause an allergic reaction.

The students also participated in an allergy-awareness poster contest. The students were asked to design a poster that expressed the dangers of food allergies and the importance of being aware and sensitive to their friends who have food allergies. All the allergy posters were wonderful. Congratulations to Dovi Lowenthal, Dani Meir, and Gitty Kahn for winning the contest!

HANC wishes to thank Mrs. Bench, Mrs. Haironson, and Mrs. Holtzman for coordinating and spearheading the program in school and all families who sponsored this worthwhile program–Mr. and Dr. Alper, Mr. Jeremy and Mrs. Rachel Maryles, Mr. and Mrs. Bench, Dr. and Mrs. Pfeffer, and Mr. Dovid and Mrs. Adina Frankel.

Madame HANCO’s Wax Museum. George Washington, Anne Frank, Benjamin Franklin, Harry Houdini, Walt Disney, Leonardo da Vinci, Jane Goodall, Albert Einstein, Dr. Seuss, and many more famous historical figures and innovators were brought to life by the third-graders at their own “Madame HANCO’s Wax Museum.” The students each read a biography about an important historical figure and learned about some significant contributions that person made to the world. Each student then prepared a speech about who the person was, what the person contributed, and what they think the historical figure’s “message to the world” would be. The students then transformed themselves into their historical figures. Parents, grandparents, and students who visited the wax museum approached each “statue” and followed the directions on its board to make it come to life. The visitors heard the students’ prepared speeches about who they were and why they were important. The students and visitors learned a lot and had a wonderful time at the “museum.”

Hoyt Farm Comes to HANC. Fourth-graders had a special treat when Hoyt Farm came to HANC. Students learned about the Native Americans who lived on Long Island and how they found and created the tools they needed.

The students learned about how the Native Americans built their homes, the wigwam, and how they traveled from place to place in dugout canoes. The students also learned that the Native Americans hunted animals both for food and to use their fur for clothes and shelter.

The students dressed up in Native American clothing, had their faces painted using Long Island clay, and drilled holes in slate to make a necklace using a traditional Native American tool made of a stick, a rock, and animal sinews (a.k.a. string and wax).

As a bonus at the end of the program, the students were treated to a delicious pizza lunch.

HANC Does Chesed. The sixth-grade girls worked together to do a chesed project for patients at North Shore Hospital. After talking about how difficult it is for people to be in a hospital over Shabbat, the girls packaged Shabbat candles and a copy of the candle-lighting berachah for Jewish patients who will be in the hospital over Shabbat. The girls had a wonderful time working on the project and made their teachers and proud for completing this great chesed. v


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