HANC - Every Student is Special

Annual Sixth-Grade Retreat at Rocking Horse Ranch. The sixth-graders from the West Hempstead campus had a fantastic time bonding, relaxing, learning, and having fun! Students hung out with old friends from HANC 609 and made new friends from the HANC Plainview campus.

The weather was perfect and the students enjoyed outdoor and indoor activities including boating, basketball, archery, rock-climbing, ping-pong, and swimming. The students also participated in two powerful learning sessions about the importance of telling the truth and the importance of how we use our language.

A big “thank you” to Rabbi Sadigh, Rabbi Sokol, Mrs. Harold, Morah Hecht, Mrs. Weinreb, and Rabbi Morgenstern for all their hard work and preparation for this incredible experience. And a special thank-you to Rabbi Merrill for coordinating the amazing retreat. Thanks also go to the PTA for their financial support and assistance which helped make this event possible.

Students Discover What Makes Them Special. First-grade students from both classes at HANC’s Samuel & Elizabeth Bass Golding Elementary School in West Hempstead came together for a program about being proud of who you are and learning to recognize what makes you special.

The program began with the students listening to the book Pezzettino by Leo Lionni. “Pezzettino” means “little piece” in Italian, and the book tells the story of Pezzettino, a small cube, who thinks that everyone around him is more special than he is because they are made up of many cubes or lines, rather than just one little cube, and they can do wonderful and daring things. Eventually Pezzettino discovers his own self-worth and realizes that he is just as special and as great as anyone else, just the way he is.

After hearing the story, the students were asked to write about which traits they possess that make them unique. They wrote about who they are, what they have, and what they love.

The students had so much fun doing the project together that the classes decided to get together once a week for more fun projects.

Virtual Tour of Israel. Fourth-grade students at HANC’s Samuel & Elizabeth Bass Golding Elementary School in West Hempstead used technology to bring Navi to life. Students enjoyed their first of a series of virtual Navi lessons with Israeli tour guide, Rabbi Aryeh Leifert.

Using Skype, the students were able to see and hear Rabbi Leifert, who taught them about the geography and topography of Israel and Jordan, as described in the Navi. The students saw the area of Yericho as it is today and in the days of Yehoshua and gained an understanding of where Bnei Yisrael stood just before entering the land of Israel. The students were able to ask questions and “walk” the map so many of the students left the session feeling like they had actually been there.

The students can’t wait for the next lesson when they will be walking through the city of Yericho and experiencing the atmosphere that surrounded the Jewish people at the time of Yehoshua.”


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