HANC sixth-graders packaged Shabbos treats donated by I&D

Helping Victims of Hurricane Sandy. Students at HANC’s Samuel & Elizabeth Bass Golding Elementary School, in West Hempstead, are responding to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy with a tremendous sense of responsibility to help their friends and neighbors. HANC is running a tzedakah drive to raise money for families who have been devastated by the storm and students are bringing in money from their parents as well as pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters from their own piggy banks. The sixth-grade boys in Rabbi Jakubovics’ class packaged Shabbat treats (generously donated by I&D of West Hempstead) to be delivered to the Young Israel of Long Beach, which was hit hard by the storm. Knapsacks and insulated lunch bags were also delivered. Students are also contributing to a book drive, organized by HANC librarian Mrs. Marjorie Shuster, to help restock the school library of the West School, in Long Beach, whose library was completely flooded and destroyed.

Unfortunately, long after most of us have lights and warm homes, there will continue to be ongoing needs in some of the hardest hit communities. HANC families and their children are ready and committed to continue to help.

Nursery Bet Welcomes Guests. Nursery Bet students in Morah Jill and Morah Temira’s class at HANC’s Samuel & Elizabeth Bass Golding Early Childhood Center, in West Hempstead, were excited to be back at school, after being off for a week due to Hurricane Sandy. The students had a great time learning parashah during which they learned about Avraham and how Avraham invited many guests into his tent. The students then built their very own version of Avraham’s tent and welcomed each other as guests. The students also discussed what a big mitzvah it is to invite guests and they talked about how so many of their families were guests or welcomed guests to their house during the weeks after the hurricane. The parashah discussion was a wonderful way to allow the kids to discuss some of their feelings about what’s been going on over the last few weeks.


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