HANC Acts of Kindness


On Tuesday, the “ARK Initiative Program” was launched at HANC 609 for the students in kindergarten through sixth grade in memory of beloved HANC student Ilana Pfeffer.

Moishe Hecht, a representative of the Change the World Organization, introduced the HANC children to an amazing program known as “Acts of Random Kindness.” Students all received tzedakah boxes in the shape of Noah’s Ark that will be donated to Chai Lifeline. Additionally, they were given an age-appropriate book, Lisa’s Incredible School Project, as well as “Ark Cards,” to list any amazing kindness they have performed.

A representative from Chai Lifeline will return to HANC in February to retrieve the tzedakah that the children have collected.

In honor of this meaningful program, the students in the fifth and sixth grades were privileged to hear from renowned motivational speaker Charlie Harary. The students sat spellbound as Mr. Harary inspired them with a story about a blind basketball player named Matt Stevens, his brother Joe, and the basketball team that embraced him. Matt was given the opportunity to score the winning basket in a championship game coached by his brother Joe. The game was close and Matt was not playing his best game; should Matt be allowed to shoot foul shots for a possible winning basket or should Joe go with the sure thing?

The team chose to gamble on Matt, he scored, and the game was won. Mr. Harary taught them the difference between being “good” and being “great.” Good is doing something special for yourself, letting the “sure thing” player take the basket. Great is doing something special for others, letting blind brother Matt have a chance to prove he deserved to be a part of the team.

Everyone is excited to begin this adventure of being great together!

The return of Mordechai Shapiro, former HANC teacher and choir leader, filled the halls with song, dance, and joy as staff and students were treated to a spirited concert that brought back fond memories and warm feelings for the years Mordechai Shapiro worked at HANC. There was a circle of love, Mordechai’s singing, and students responding, knowing every single word to every song, bringing the whole school to their feet and tears of happiness to many eyes.

HANC students understand the importance of random acts of kindness and are ready to embark on their own journeys to doing something great!

HANC Middle School Visits The Museum Of Jewish Heritage

This past week, the HANC eighth grade went on a trip to the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Manhattan in preparation for the Names, Not Numbers© Holocaust program. Upon arriving, they were split into different groups and each was assigned its own tour guide.


Each floor featured information such as what happened prior to the Holocaust and what happened during and after the war. One of the floors featured all around glass windows which gave a beautiful view of the water and the Statue of Liberty. When the visitor looks down, he sees a garden of rocks that has trees growing out of them. It represents how just as it doesn’t seem normal for a tree to be able to grow in a rock, it doesn’t seem normal that the Jews were able to bounce back and ‘grow’ during and after the Holocaust. In that room, there was a hologram of a survivor giving testimony, and a visitor can speak into the microphone and the survivor would answer as if he were right there. Then eighth graders were given an ‘artifact’ (a picture) and they would have to connect it to a part of Jewish resistance during the war. Overall, this was a meaningful and instructive trip and a good introduction to Names, Not Numbers©.



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