HANC - Leah Scher Slam Poem winner
Leah Scher of HANC won the poetry slam contest.

On Monday, December 8, nine yeshiva high schools, including SAR, Frisch, Kushner, Rambam, Shalhevet, MTA, Kohelet, HANC, and the host, Yeshivah of Flatbush, gathered for a Battle of the Poets: Poetry Slam. Around 60 high-school students in total performed their prepared Skeltonic-verse poem. The chosen ten finalists then performed their free verse before the entire audience, including all three featured judges, Matthue Roth, Robert Hirschfield, and Shais Rishon.

Awards were distributed to the five best poets, the highest honor of which was won by HANC senior Leah Scher, the student who initially brought HANC into the Poetry Slam league. Mazaltov to Leah on this accomplishment.

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