It has been a busy and exciting beginning of the school year for the students in HANC’s Samuel and Elizabeth Bass Golding Elementary School in West Hempstead. While the kindergarten students traditionally gather for a “Welcome to HANC Barbecue” with their families, current protocols prevented this from happening this year. Never daunted by adversity, the HANC administration decided to invite NAZ, the famous iMove with NAZ dance instructor, to lead a kindergarten dance party on Zoom. In advance of the event, the students were provided with glow sticks, hand clappers, and HANC wristbands for their “Welcome Back to School Dance Party” with NAZ.

Rabbi Sadigh, head of HANC’s West Hempstead campuses, launched the event and greeted all of the kindergarten families. Kindergarten students also had time to scroll through their screens and talk to one another. The students were all so excited to show their friends the exciting things they had in their homes, including their favorite toys. One student was even able to show off his new puppy!

Naz began the event by having the kindergarten students gather their siblings to join in the fun. She played freeze dance with the children, had students pretend they were dinosaurs, and had them turn off the lights to allow the students to have fun with dancing with their glow sticks. At the conclusion of this energetic and fun event, Naz asked the students to share what they love about HANC. Everyone was up and moving the whole time and there were smiles on every screen!

HANC’s backyard playground was transformed into a hands-on Shofar Factory. The knowledgeable staff from Tzivos HaShem gave the children an overview of how a kosher shofar is crafted from animal horns.

Amazement, wonder, and surprise were just some of the experiences of the sixth graders as they explored the various steps necessary to create a hollow, kosher shofar. During the course of the presentation, many questions arose, including if the shofar’s mouthpiece exists while the horns are still attached to the ram’s head.

Once the students had the opportunity to explore the displays and the lesson was concluded, each student selected a horn and transformed it into a shofar. Protected with gloves and goggles, the children worked hard at sawing the ends off of the horns, sanding the surfaces and then polishing their magnificent creations. As they worked, the sounds and smells provided the children with an active, multisensory learning experience. “I liked polishing the shofar. It became so shiny,” remarked Judith Rosner. “The light from the shofar comes from HANC!” The Shofar Factory was presented by Tzivos HaShem and sponsored by the HANC PTA. It was a wonderful way for the sixth graders to start off the school year.

On the last day of school before Rosh Hashanah, every classroom had a special visitor. Lenny Solomon, of Shlock Rock fame, gave a spirited concert for all of the children and staff to usher in the Tishrei holidays. Singing a variety of holiday tunes, favorite smash hits, and well known simcha songs, the children throughout the school were not just watching in their classrooms on the smart boards, but were clapping and dancing at their desks along with the music. It was a joyful end of an eventful week, and it got everyone into the Rosh Hashanah spirit. Special thanks to the HANC PTA for sponsoring this remote program for all to enjoy.


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