Amidst snow and ice, on Wednesday, March 7, a dedicated group of HANC High School students traveled to Israel to participate in the Jerusalem Marathon. Thirty-eight strong, Team HANC is the largest tristate school delegation to join in the Jerusalem Marathon.

Shalva, an organization for special needs children in Israel, has a team in the Jerusalem Marathon, and this year, the amazing group of motivated HANC students, chaperoned by director of student life, Rabbi Daniel Mezei, and his wife, Penina, and Ms. Nomi Bensoussan, raised an astounding sum of over $110,000 for Shalva.

The team arrived in Israel on Thursday afternoon undeterred by the weather in New York, and fortunately with only a minor delay. After an interesting tour of the Shalva Center, the team headed to the hotel, followed by a meaningful visit to the Kotel. After a good night’s sleep, the students were excited for marathon day and had the opportunity to choose between the half marathon or the 10km race.

After a long and exhausting run, the students enjoyed a victory party back at the hotel and then went off to Machane Yehuda for some erev Shabbat shopping. The students are looking forward to a restful Shabbat in Yerushalayim and then a full day of activities on Sunday.

HANC is profoundly proud of its students for their devotion to this cause. Congratulations to the following members of the HANC Shalva Team: Ali Lenefsky, Kayla Siouni, Adina Spilky, Rachel Kahn, Elisheva Hackel, Zoey Gassman, Gabby Schoenberg, Yael Lubeck, Danielle Ben-Hamo, Michelle Kreinik, Alan Abramchayev, Craig Snitkoff, Josh Weinstein, Kayla Homapour, Samantha Wengrofsky, Aharon Livieim, Alexandra Tawil, Tiffany Livian, Eliana Afrahim, Sarah Ziegler, Adina Noah, Shani Ruben, Daniel Hayimov, Maya Tsor, Ayelet Sadigh, Shoshana Orenstein, Doron Karimzadeh, Kayla Liviem, Shirly Ebrani, Samantha Byrne, Noy Karavani, Julia Lieberstein, Sharona Malakov, Bernie Maslin, and Gavriel Meyers.


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