On Tuesday, March 12, the HANC boys’ Torah Bowl team won the Eastern Division title against North Shore, Flatbush, and HAFTR. The HANC boys won their last 8 games to clinch a 1st-place seed in the playoffs, giving the team a bye to the final round. After Flatbush defeated HAFTR in the first round and North Shore defeated Flatbush in the second round, HANC played North Shore for the title, and will now play against the other division winners.

Above: Rabbi Shimon Chrein (coach) with players Ari Levine, Daniel Albert, Sender Gross, Aaron Levian, David Schwartzman, Adam Livi, Michael Nassimi, Shlomo Amsellem, Jeremy Livi, Jonathan Livi, Jason Brafman, Alex Maryles, and Gideon Pollack. (Not shown: Matthew Rosenberg.)


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