On Tu B’Shevat (February 4) students at HANC’s Samuel & Elizabeth Bass Golding Elementary School in West Hempstead enjoyed the wonderful sights, tastes, and sounds of their very own Tu B’Shevat Shuk!

Morah Hecht, Rabbi Merrill, and the sixth-grade girls set up and manned many different food booths and the entire school had the opportunity to “shop” at the HANC shuk. In keeping with the atmosphere of a true Israeli marketplace, students bought and sold their wares while speaking Ivrit. In addition to the familiar shuk treats of apples, candies, and chocolates, this year’s shuk featured two exciting new items: freshly popped popcorn and pickles. They were both a big hit!

Thank you to the sixth-grade girls for all their hard work! And thanks to the PTA for sponsoring the event and to Sheri Feldman and her committee for all their help in making the shuk a success.

In keeping with the theme, sixth-graders in Mrs. Pinn’s math class learned about “factor trees” and created a beautiful Tu B’Shevat Factor Tree bulletin board with their work.


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