Broadway came to HANC’s Samuel and Elizabeth Bass Golding’s Elementary School in West Hempstead, as the Performing Arts Club presented a wonderful rendition of the play “A Walk in the Woods.” Under the direction of Mrs. Sari Kahn, a HANC parent and the director of NCSY’s Camp Maor (an overnight performing-arts camp), and assistant director Mrs. Kira Nurieli, the children performed with confidence and enthusiasm.

For the fourth year, this performance marked the culmination of six months of work on developing acting skills that included line interpretation, improvisation, blocking, and character development. Fifteen children from grades 3–6 performed in the play, and they were assisted by three children working the technological elements, and five seventh-grade “graduates” who came back to help out as well. Every aspect of the play, from the costumes to the sets to the sound, was professionally done and very impressive. The sold-out audience was delighted with the funny, whimsical, and entertaining show. The cast, crew, and extra helpers worked together as a team and covered for each other, assisted with set changes, and did everything necessary to ensure the success of the show. A special thank you to Mrs. Kahn and Mrs. Nurieli for all their hard work in making sure the show went on. Additional thanks to Gitty and Keira Kahn for running the professional lights and sound system, and to the PTA for their generous support. 


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