By Estee Sigal, Freshman

Members of the Israel Action Committee at HANC High School responded to the news in Eretz Israel by initiating two inspiring programs for the entire school. Chairpersons ZB Weiss and Elana Lefkowitz spearheaded the programs for the injured chayalim from Operation Tzuk Eitan.

The names of various wounded soldiers are printed on index cards and distributed before Shacharit so that students keep our wounded brethren in mind during davening. Due to this initiative, over 170 chayalim are now in the daily prayers of HANC students. Additionally, thanks to committee members David Chai Deil, Levana Liviem, and Jillian Fisch, Sefer Tehillim is being said during the students’ lunch periods. Each student is given a portion of Tehillim in an effort to daven for the safety of Israel and to remember the chayalim injured over the summer.

To learn more about HANC High School and its Israel Action Committee, as well as other student initiatives, join their open house this Sunday, November 16, 9:00 a.m.—12:00 p.m. For information, visit

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