Building upon a hallmark of HANC High School–character growth and middos development–an exciting new initiative has been launched for seniors. The event is a once-a-week “Mussar Café” led by menahel Rabbi Adelman, during which doughnuts and various hot beverages are provided while the study of mussar permeates the air.

Mussar provides a distinctively Jewish answer to the sorts of questions any thinking person (especially teenagers) asks about life:

Why do I keep making the same mistakes over and over?

Why do I cause pain to myself and others?

What steps can I take to bring my life closer to its spiritual potential?

Over the course of the year, a variety of character traits will be covered. They include humility (this past week’s topic), honesty, anger management, kindness, gratitude, and many others–all of which are the stepping stones on the journey toward spiritual greatness.

The Mussar Café for the month of October was generously sponsored by Chani and Mark Scheiner, proud parents of senior Eli Scheiner. The sponsorship is dedicated to the memory of Vera Greif Brodsky (Yona bat Pinchas), Elihu Brodsky (Eliyahu ben Chaim), and Sol Scheiner (Shlomo Tuvia ben Yehoshua Menachem). v


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