Brandeis Chumash Presentation

Brandeis Second-Graders Receive Their Chumashim

On Monday, February 4, Brandeis second grade students were excited to begin their week by receiving their new Chumashim! Students performed beautifully as they sang proudly and delivered timeless messages both in Hebrew and English, describing just how special the Torah is to them and the Jewish people.

Brandeis Kindergarteners, Eighth Graders Pray For IDF Soldiers

Last week, Brandeis eighth grade students paid a visit to kindergarten children as they joined to pray for the safety of the Israeli soldiers. Younger students also wished safe travels to the eighth-graders, who are going on a school trip to Israel in just a few weeks. The eighth-graders also thanked their kindergarten peers for collecting more than $500 towards the ongoing schoolwide campaign for the upcoming trip, “Open Your Hearts,” in which the eighth-graders purchase various useful items for the IDF soldiers they visit in Israel, such as computers, printers, undergarments, socks, ping-pong tables, and more. Together, Brandeis families help bring joy to the hearts of IDF soldiers who defend Israel on a daily basis. n

Oil And Water: What’s The Story?

Problem: How can we clean up oil spills from our waters to save wildlife?

Brandeis fourth graders in Mrs. Weiss’s class explored mixing oil and water, while attempting to remove the oil from the water.

Brandeis Basketball Team Is Victorious

On January 31, the Brandeis boys’ basketball team defeated Yeshiva Har Torah by a score of 50–42. The next week, on February 4, the team defeated YCQ in Queens. The final score was 60–48 and it was their third win in a row.


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