HAFTR Early Childhood gets ready for Pesach

Sixth-Grade Advisory Program at HAFTR Middle School

The Best Selves, Well-Being Initiative at HAFTR Middle School, developed by Dr. Yali Werzberger, director of guidance and pupil personnel services, was implemented to facilitate the social and emotional growth and development of each student. Through workshops, programs, and activities, students learn to identify their strengths and channel them to attain academic, personal and social-emotional goals.

As part of this advisory, small groups of sixth-grade students are paired with a HAFTR Middle School faculty member. Students meet with the faculty member (their adviser) once a month. During these advisory meetings, advisers and students eat lunch together, work on activities together, and talk about things going on at school. Faculty members also touch base individually with each student in their advisory throughout the month.

Students look forward to their advisory meeting each month. Between ice-breaker games, special treats, and discussions about unique talents that we all possess, students are learning a lot about each other! The advisory program has also been instrumental in ensuring that each student feels connected to the school and feels that they have a faculty member they can go to if they have questions or concerns. Students in each group have developed meaningful connections with one another and with their faculty adviser. A strong connection to school is associated with all sorts of positive outcomes for students and schools, and the positive ripple effects of this program are inspiring!

At the most recent advisory, students were given masks along with stickers and markers. Faculty engaged students in conversation about those aspects of ourselves that everyone sees and knows, and those parts of ourselves that are more hidden. Students selected stickers that reflected their more visible persona and placed them on the outside of their mask. Afterwards, students wrote on the inner part of their masks the more hidden aspects of themselves, their dreams, fears, and personality. Students engaged in lively conversations about the different aspects of their personality that makes them unique. It was a fun, thought-provoking, and inspiring conversation for all.

HAFTR’s Early Childhood Center Gets Ready for Passover

HAFTR Early Childhood Pesach prep


HAFTR HS Attends AIPAC Conference

Jonathan Lederer, Aidan Schechter, Ben Perl, Elijah Greenberg, David Lederer, Noah Nierenberg, Elijah Gurvitch, Rabbi Yonoson Hirtz, Ambassador David Friedman, Mrs. Goldy Walfish, Molly Vashovsky, Emily Silverstein, Rachel Hamburger, Jamie Beer, Ashley van Amerongen, Jillian Mestel, and Annabelle Muller represent HAFTR at AIPAC

HAFTR High School students and their chaperones, Rabbi Yonoson Hirtz and Goldy Walfish, had the privilege of attending the AIPAC 2019 policy conference in Washington, D.C., which culminated with a lobbying session where students went to Capitol Hill to meet with Rep. Kathleen Rice.

Students also had the unique opportunity to meet and speak with former HAFTR parent U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman. Love of the Jewish state and promotion of a strong U.S.–Israel relationship is central to HAFTR’s mission.



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