Performers in 'Jewsies'

Extra! Extra! Hear All About It! Shulamith HS Production ‘Jewsies’ Is a Hit!

The Shulamith auditorium was packed and buzzing with excitement this past Sunday night in anticipation of the opening night of “Jewsies,” Shulamith High School’s original musical production. After months of preparation, long nights of rehearsal, and hours of perfecting set design and choreography, the girls took to the stage and delivered a flawless and breathtaking performance.

The play, an original storyline based loosely off the iconic Newsies film and written by the talented Esty Munk, is set in early 1900s New York and tells the story of a group of yeshiva bachurim who, struggling to raise funds for their near-bankrupt yeshiva, form a business partnership with the New York newsies. The newsies teach them the ropes, and the two groups form an unlikely but deep friendship. Taking poetic license, the play also cast the original Newsies character Joey as a born-and-bred “New Yawk boy” who, unbeknownst even to himself, is of Jewish descent, a plot twist that added depth, meaning, and a lot of humor to the storyline as the bachurim discover his identity and try to teach him a bit about his great heritage.

The cast was led by tremendously talented junior Tzivie Scharf and senior Sela Pollack, playing the roles of newsie Joey and bachur Danny, respectively. Of course, no play can be based off the Newsies without paying tribute to its iconic songs, and the Jewsies definitely did justice to the classics, such as “King of New York” and “Seize the Day.” With accompanying dances, led by seniors Mindy Schreck and Hadassah Allman, and vivid scenery, backdrops, and props that came to life under the creative eye of senior Hana Adler and her team, the play was truly a Broadway experience and had the audience raving about the production.

Performers in ‘Jewsies’

Shira Lax, a freshman, says, “Everyone was so enthusiastic in their performances…I really enjoyed it!” Shifra Raskin, faculty member, adds that in addition to enjoying the phenomenal play, her favorite part is always “the opportunity to see the students shine and showcase their hidden talents,” showing a side of themselves that isn’t always seen in the classroom. Eliana Pilevsky, a sophomore, seconds that. Even from a fellow student’s point of view, she notes how amazing it is to “see everybody’s talents come together to produce such a well-executed performance!”

And well  done it certainly was. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the entire cast and crew and their production heads, seniors Sela Pollack and Shana Deil, as well as the faculty who wrote, directed, and produced the play, Esty Munk and Sarah Katz, the play was a huge success.

In the words of the proud Shulamith administration, the Shulamith girls really did “seize the play” and delivered an all-around show-stopping performance.

On The Go With Shulamith

Matzah bakery

The third-grade classes of Shulamith School for Girls visited Safety Town in Eisenhower Park. The girls learned about bike and pedestrian safety. The highlight was touring the mini town on bikes and mini cars!

Then all the students of Shulamith Early Childhood had the amazing opportunity to bake their very own matzot! The pre-1A visited the Jewish Children’s Museum in Crown Heights, and the nursery and kindergarten classes had a matzah bakery in school!


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