(Jerusalem) — Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon presented a special gift to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in honor of his sixty fourth birthday yesterday. At a meeting earlier in the day (October 21) the Deputy Minister was given an original copy of the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine which he presented to the Prime Minister in a meeting in the Knesset yesterday. The document was discovered by Professor Jacques Gauthier in the National Archives of the United Kingdom.

“The Prime Minister was moved by this historical document,” said Deputy Minister Danon. “It would serves us all well to remember that in addition to our biblical and historical rights to the Land of Israel, we also have full legal rights to our historic homeland.”

The Mandate, in which the United Kingdom was charged with administrating both banks of the Jordan River known as “Palestine” at the time, obligated the British government to lay the foundations for a Jewish national home. The Deputy Minister pointed out the significance of Article 25 which allowed the British postpone the implementation of the Mandate on the eastern bank of the Jordan River (the state of Jordan today), but did not absolve them of their responsibility to build the Jewish national home on the land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea (today’s Israel including Judea and Samaria).

According to Professor Gauthier, the United Nations Charter obligates all countries that are signatories to uphold the commitments and treaties of the League of Nations.


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