The Jerusalem Police arrested two ultra-Orthodox youths Sunday, for allegedly assaulting the editor of a influential haredi newspaper.

Natan Grossman, the editor in chief of the haredi daily “HaPeles” was assaulted on Friday outside his Jerusalem home. He sustained mild injuries.

HaPeles is the rival of the haredi Lithuanian daily Yated Ne’eman. Grossman was once the latter’s editor in chief before moving to HaPeles.

Jerusalem police detain two youth allegedly connected with assault on HaPeles editor Natan Grossman; say more arrests expected

The police said the two will be arraigned later on Sunday and that more arrests are expected in the case.

Grossman is considered a very influential figure in the haredi community. The assault prompted the formation of a new political faction — “The Jerusalem Faction” — which now aims to take votes away from United Torah Judaism.


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