Leaders of the hareidi community in New York were demanding that the authorities take more steps to protect the community, in the wake of a new “knockout” attack by hoooligans in the Boro Park area of Brooklyn. “This cannot continue,” said New York City Councilman and Hareidi community member David Greenfield. “It is shocking to hear that these attacks have reached Boro Park,” he said.
“I hope police are taking advantage of all their resources to prevent a repeat of these terrible incidents,” he added.
On Tuesday, the cruel “knockout game” left a 65 year-old man in the New York district injured. he incident occurred on 18th Avenue when the hareidi man, who married off his grandson that night, left the banquet hall. Suddenly, two young men accosted him, bashed him over the head and brought him to the ground. Rescue teams rushed to the scene and transferred him to local hospital. The two attackers managed to escape. Police at the scene have taken security tapes from the site to attempt to identify the perpetrators.
“We must take all steps necessary to stop these attacks,” said Greenfield. “It is unacceptable that Jews would be attacked walking down the street. …read more
Source: 5tjt Facebook Page


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