Pamela Geller notes absence of outrage about motives of Boston jihadists

By Pamela Geller, WND

In light of the jihad bombings in Boston, and the media whitewash about their real cause that has followed this week, the question is: Has America lost her soul?

The country that was established on the premise of individual rights and freedoms has, in recent years, abandoned the morality that bound us together as a nation. We have lost our reverence for life and liberty. Our armed forces best illustrate this moral code with their honor code of no man left behind. We go to extraordinary lengths to bring back our fallen, never leaving a man (or woman) on the battlefield — so enshrined in our DNA is the exaltation of humanity.

And yet we see a disturbing trend: America did not rally, protest or demand answers when the Obama administration classified the Fort Hood jihad massacre not as terrorism, but as “workplace violence.” No one — not any politician or mainstream media figure of significance — called Obama on his cover-up of the jihad motive in the slaughter of our unarmed soldiers in Texas.

And the same nonchalance was exhibited in the wake of the jihad massacres of Ambassador Chris Stevens and other Americans in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012. Our ambassador and attaches were slaughtered in cold blood in Benghazi, and Obama and several administration officials blamed the First Amendment, saying that it had all happened because of a video about Muhammad. And yet there was still no outcry. Two soldiers held off a jihadi army for over seven hours while calling and begging for help, for cover, and no one came. That was unforgivable. Did America demand answers?

Worse still, the nation re-elected this deceiver.

There was also the sharp spike in “green-on-blue” attacks — murders of American and allied troops by our Afghan “partners.” Soldiers we train are turning on our boys, the same people who are training them, and killing them in cold blood. And still no outcry.

But this? This is a defining moment. Will America turn a blind eye to the motive in the Boston bombing? Mothers, babies and families were targeted for slaughter and mutilation on the streets of a happy, glorious event on Patriots Day. Will the people rise up and demand that Obama address the jihad threat? Will there be any call on Obama to return the now-banned word “jihad” and honest discussion of Islam to counter-terror training materials? Will the American people demand the document regarding the Saudi national al-Harbi, who was questioned and then hastily exonerated over the Boston jihad bombings, and then set for quick deportation — a deportation that was allegedly tied to the Boston bombings?

Or have we lost our soul as a people united in a shared value system that places the lives of Americans above all else?

The fact that the FBI was warned about the jihadi Tamerlan Tsarnaev and did nothing is a reflection of the Obama scrub of counter-terror training materials. They had him, they talked …read more
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