New ECC Sense-Sational gym at YOSS

Father–Son Shofar Workshop

YOSS shofar making

On Sunday, September 22, Rabbi Shoneck held his annual father–son shofar workshop for his eighth-grade talmidim, fathers, and grandfathers. Rabbi Shoneck first gave a shiur on hilchos shofar where together they learned which animals are kosher for the mitzvah of shofar. He brought in horns from rams, cows, and many other kosher animals to show the boys what can be used as a shofar for Rosh Hashanah. A ba’al tokeah in his own right, Rabbi Shoneck then demonstrated the different sounds each horn makes and how it has an impact on halachah.

After the shiur, everyone went outside to make their own shofar. Each student was given a shofar and together with their fathers and grandfathers, they cut, drilled, and sanded the shofar to be ready for use. “This was a great experience for my son and me,” one parent commented. “A real hands-on approach to chinuch!”

Special thanks to Mr. Vaiselberg and Rabbi Picker for directing the drilling, cutting, and sanding part of the program. Shanah tovah!

New SENSE-ational Room at YOSS ECC

Some may have heard of the book “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten,” but at the YOSS Hollander Early Childhood Center, the book could be called “All I Really Need to Know I Learned from Ma’aseh Bereishis.”

YOSS SENSE-sational Room

With this theme in mind, Mrs. Elana Fertig, ECC director, created a brand-new multisensory room that is not “out of this world,” but rather about this world! The room is decorated with giant murals representing each day of creation. A light table, a chalkboard wall, a water table, and a giant rock-climbing wall all add to the design and functionality of the multisensory room while playing into the theme of ma’aseh Bereishis. The children will be able to climb the “Rock-Wall of Fame” to reach the sun, moon, and stars, all painted on the ceiling.

The room also features a “Plant-it-Tarium” where they can plant various plants related to themes throughout the year.

“We have an amazing sensory gym for children who are getting PT or OT services,” explained Mrs. Fertig, “Why shouldn’t everyone be able to benefit from a sensory room?”

The room is also stocked with various other sensory activities, including a tunnel, musical instruments, and beanbag chairs.

This room will be used as another indoor play area, where children can explore, problem-solve, develop their STEM skills, and, most importantly, have fun!


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