By Larry Gordon –

My Lulav that I am shaking this year was grown in El-Arish Egypt. I was a little taken aback when I saw the sign in the Lulav and Esrog shop that proudly announced that their Lulavim this year were from Egypt, then again maybe they have always been but I just did not notice. Is anyone growing Esrogim in Syria?

I know some people in the “business” and they travel to places lie Italy, Greece and some other European locales but I don’t know specifically about any Esrog crops being cultivated anywhere in the Arab world. I’ve observed trees that produce Esrogim in front of homes in Bnai Brak and I’ve seen many trees that proudly sprout Arovos including several around here in some of my neighbors backyards. I;m not sure where those pretty little Haddasim grow but I do not believe I have seen them being grown domestically.

Then it occurred to me that recently, perhaps it was last year, that when Mohammad Morsi and the Moslem Brotherhood took over the reins of government in Egypt about a year ago, there was an immediate and urgent crisis dealing with the export of Lulavim, not just to Israel but to just about all Jewish communities around the world.

So it seems that it is a good thing that those million or so people decided to gather in Cairo’s Tahir Square a few months ago in order to urge the military there to dispose of Mr. Morsi and once again mount an effort to bring change you can believe in to Egypt. So it is a politically fractured society with multiple political parties tugging and pulling in just as many varied directions seeking to promote their own interests. And as a result if nothing else about the entire complicated unpredictable situation I know this, my Lulav managed to easily leave Egypt this year. More in next weeks 5TJT


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