Heard In The Bagel Store

By Larry Gordon


By the time I get to my computer at home most mornings half the day is already over in Israel.  These days I feel like I have to fasten my seat belt before getting down to the business of seeing who is online in what parts of the country and what it is that they have to report.

Sam Sokol is a reporter for the Jerusalem Post and he occasionally submits freelance pieces to the 5TJT.  He’s one person who when I see online I never know where he might be either in Israel, the US or other locations around the world.  The other day when I said “GM,” or good morning, he told me that he had just returned from a one day visit to the Ukraine.

Sam resides with his family in Bet Shemesh and he was planning on visiting family here in New York this week. “My wife said I can go if the sirens stop, so it doesn’t look like I will be going to New York for now,” he said the other day.  But now there is yet another three day ceasefire that is either taking effect or already took effect so Sam and his wife need to make some quick thinking decisions.

Since Anita Tucker’s first name is the first letter of the alphabet she is on the top of my contact list.  Anita, her husband Stewart and their family resided in Gush Katif and worked as successful farmers there for decades.  That was, of course until 2005 and Ariel Sharon’s already obviously damaged decision making process ordering their removal from their homes.

Anita, originally from the Bronx in New York, longs for Gush Katif and has wonderful memories of the experience.  More in this week’s 5TJT.


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