A heroic New York firefighter attempts to revive the lifeless body of a one-month-old infant in the Bronx

Rushing from a burning building with a  motionless baby girl in his arms, one of New York’s Bravest desperately tries to  revive a lifeless child on Thursday night.

Tragically the one-month-old infant did not  survive the rescue and now police are questioning a 21-year-old man for  allegedly beating the baby to death and fatally hacking her 32-year-old mother  with a machete before setting their Bronx apartment on fire.

Elgidio Lind was arrested at a female friends  house after firefighters found the bodies of his girlfriend Louisa Rodriguez and  their baby Angela in their Kingsbridge home on Thursday night.

Police say her mother, a 32-year-old woman  whose body was found naked beneath a smouldering mattress, had been stabbed  multiple times and her head bashed before she was dragged into the  bathroom.

A heroic New York firefighter attempts to revive the lifeless body of a one-month-old infant in the Bronx

Baby Angela was found lying unconscious in an  empty bathtub and rushed outside by one firefighter who tried to resucitate the  infant as he ran her to an ambulance.

The child later died at Montefiore Medical  Center said NYFD officials.

‘The baby was…naked, and just had this  blank expression,’ said Kenneth Delgado, who saw a frantic firefighter carrying  the infant.

‘She didn’t look like she was  breathing.’

An autopsy later found that the child had  been killed after suffering blunt force trauma and had not died from smoke  inhalation.

Witnesses, composed of residents and  neighbours of the Bronx complex, described the heart-rending scene  below.

‘They threw her down on the [car] hood and  they gave her CPR then they took her into the ambulance and they took her to the  hospital,’ a young teen told News12 Long island. ‘It was breathing but literally  it looked like it was sleeping.’

‘My son saw when they pulled out the body,  he’s like mom, they’re pulling out the body, I looked and just the image of her  lying there,’ a second neighbour reacted to ABC7 while choking back  tears.

Neighbours said the father of the infant, who  was two days shy of her one-month birthday, was the victim’s boyfriend who had  been living with her until recently.

They said the couple had had an often violent  relationship.

‘Last weekend, he was screaming at her,’ said  one neighbor, Senobio Padilla, 53, to the New York Times.

‘I heard him, I couldn’t hear  her.’

It emerged that Rodriguez had gone to Family  Court for an order of protection and had called police at least twice in the  past, sources said to the New York Post.

The NYPD has not announced if Lind has been  charged at this time.

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