Rocket hits Ashlelon Photo: Ido Erez

While Israel’s leaders debate whether to launch a ground offensive in Gaza, Palestinian terror groups continue to pound Israel’s south.

A rocket exploded in an open area outside Beersheba on Monday and two others were intercepted over the city. Two rockets were also intercepted over Ashdod. There were no injuries

Earlier on Monday, a rocket hit a school in Ashkelon, causing only damage. Another rocket hit near a residential building. No injuries have been reported as of yet.

The Iron Dome system has intercepted three other rockets fired at Beersheba. Air raid sirens sounded in Ashdod where the anti-missile system intercepted four rockets.

Three additional rockets were intercepted outside Sderot. Earlier, seven rockets fired at Ashkelon were intercepted. More than 50 rockets were fired at Israel on Monday.

Rocket hits Ashlelon Photo: Ido Erez

Also Monday, IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz toured the south and met with brigade commanders who await orders to enter Gaza.

The IDF chief also met with Air Force commanders and briefed them about the operation. Gantz said that the IDF will continue to act with great force against the terrorists in Gaza.

Meanwhile it was reported that Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu will pay a visit Tuesday to the Gaza Strip.

Davutoglu’s trip is part of an Arab League initiative, the Anatolia news agency said, referring to a planned visit Tuesday by a delegation from the bloc and its leader Nabil Alaraby in a show of support for Gaza.

A Turkish foreign ministry spokesman confirmed the visit to AFP but gave no further details.


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