Courtesy of JEP/Nageela


By Jennifer S. Zwiebel
JEP/Nageela’s Director of PR & Development

JEP/Nageela has its most important fundraiser through a 30-hour online X4 matching campaign called 4Hashem. This coming Monday and Tuesday, June 3–4, I am asking you to do something 4Hashem.

I was fortunate enough to go to yeshiva through the hard work, sacrifices, and perseverance of my family. For that I will always be grateful. Still, I wasn’t so familiar with all the beautiful Jewish rituals and traditions of Shabbos and the chagim which most readers may take for granted since they are “FFB,” frum from birth.

If not for my participation in a Jewish youth group, I highly doubt I would be writing this article or representing JEP/Nageela. This organization, which saves children’s Jewish neshamos, has tremendous meaning to me because of my experiences as a teenager. I doubt I would be living the lifestyle I hold so dear and trying to raise my precious children that I’m blessed to have with the same values.

There are many Jewish children in our neighborhoods who don’t have the gift of a Jewish education. In that case, the Jewish people as a whole become responsible for Hashem’s children.

I have heard countless times how people have their favorite charities already. They’re over-tapped. I get it. However, saving another Jewish child and giving them the gift of Jewish knowledge is part of our responsibility as Jews.

Each dollar you give will be matched times four so every amount counts. Do something 4Hashem. This year the campaign will be run out of 925 Sterling & Art at 572 Central Avenue in Cedarhurst and a collation will be set up, sponsored by Camp Romimu and Gourmet Glatt. We invite the community to stop in on Monday or Tuesday to show your support. In addition, any artwork purchased on those days will have a portion donated towards the campaign. You can also make your donation at or call the JEP/Nageela office at 516-374-1528, ext. 240.

On behalf of all our children, we appreciate your support and are counting on it 4Hashem. Thank you!


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