Video footage of a young Syrian girl who survived the apparent chemical weapons attack on Wednesday night outside of Damascus, Syria, that may have killed up to 1,300 people, has already become a symbol of the human devastation in the country’s raging civil war, according to Israel’s Channel 2.

In the video, she screams hysterically, and cries, “Help me, I’m alive!”

The footage, distributed by Syrian rebel forces battling the regime of President Bashar Assad, is titled, “Surprisingly she still lives in a world where everyone is dead.”

In the video, the girl pulls on her tongue, which can be a sign of dehydration after taking large quantities of atropine, for the treatment of nerve gas, Channel 2 said. The doctor in the footage, however, said the child experienced psychological shock due to the death of her parents in the chemical attack.

Watch the video of the girl, below.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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