On an ordinary day, our lives consist of actions from the mundane to the spiritual. Regardless of our age or position, we all share one activity–eating. Where does our food supply come from? In today’s modern world, we buy food at grocery stores. And to buy food, we need money.

When a recession, job cuts, or a hurricane hits, families have to worry about the means necessary to purchase their food. As observant Jews, we have higher expense rates. Every week, we need nice food for Shabbos; alas, when funds are sparse, who is to provide? In the Five Towns/Far Rockaway community, currently 275 families rely on Tomchei Shabbos Yad Yeshaya to deliver them food for each Shabbos and yom tov.

As an organization with almost no overhead, which means your donations go directly to helping needy families, Yad Yeshaya relies on volunteers from the community to make everything happen. Every Thursday night, the packages are made by TAG girls and then delivered by men often aided by their sons.

As the Yomim Nora’im approach, these same families need and rely on Yad Yeshaya to help provide them with 20 meals in September alone. As an organization that exists only on contributions from the community, they ask for whatever support you can provide. Each family has been checked according to their situation and the utmost of discretion is used to spare any embarrassment.

To continue to provide the comfort, ease, and worry-free chesed to our neighbors, Tomchei Shabbos needs the financial backing from the entire community. Each of us has the opportunity to sponsor items or whole packages. Every donation is appreciated.

Partner with Tomchei Shabbos and help make Shabbos and yom tov for the families in need in our community. Sponsor a family for a week: $50; a family for a month: $200; grape juice for a week (250 packages): $600; challahs for a week: $1,000; chickens for a week: $3,000; meat for yom tov: $5,000; one Shabbos: $8,000; or yom tov: $12,000.

All contributions can be mailed to 634 Oak Drive, Far Rockaway, NY 11691, or you can visit yadyeshaya.org. Thank youm and a kesivah v’chasimah tovah from the Tomchei family! v


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