Untitled2It’s during this period that the new year is decreed and we all pray and beseech Hashem to for a good and sweet year. On Rosh Hashana and again on Yom Kippur we call out Tshuva Tfillah Utzdakah Maavirin Es Roa Hagzeirah — Repentance Prayer and Charity avert the evil decree.

Well, when you contribute to KUPAT HA’IR you not only merit the great mitzvah of giving charity in it’s highest form, but you also merit the warm and fervent prayers and blessings of the Torah giants of our generation, prayers laden with power to defend us.

And Don’t Forget: When you contribute to Kupat Ha’ir you are helping literally thousands of families in Israel put a good start to their year, and in this merit may Hashem grant you a good and sweet year

To donate, click: HERE
Or call 888-587-2842

Ksiva V’chasima Tova


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