Dear Friends,

We are reaching out to all our readers at this time of need.

Our brothers and sisters in the Queens – Long Island area have been hit very hard and they’re experiencing an extremely difficult time due to Hurricane Sandy. There are hundreds of families in Cedarhurst, Bayswater, The Five Towns, Woodmere, Long Beach and the surrounding areas that are completely destroyed, demolished and devastated.

They are completely wiped out and crippled. Some lost their houses, their cars; they have no clothing, no power and are totally lost!

Its times like these when Klal Yisroel is at their best! We must not stand on the sidelines while they are literally drowning!

We have set up a special campaign just to help the unfortunate in these areas and we need your help more than ever! We cannot sit back while others are homeless, powerless and penniless!

Please mail your donations to:

Mr. Larry Gordon c/o Five Towns Jewish Times

POB 690, Lawrence, NY 11559

All checks should be payable to: Young Israel Of Bayswater

Tizku Lamitzvos


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