Danny Goldstein
Danny Goldstein

By Arye Nisonson

Benny and Danny Goldstein’s new Calcala political party in Israel is electrifying the electorate in the Jewish state. An excited Danny called us on Monday to say that the latest and most reliable polls in Israel show Calcala–Israel’s new Finance Party–garnering at least four seats in the upcoming January 22 elections.

Calcala is the first party in Israel founded by American immigrants to make such a splash. Benny Goldstein has resided in Israel for many years while Danny returned about a year ago to bring new and refreshing ideas to the people of Israel. Both made aliyah with their parents in the 1970s. Danny is the proprietor, along with his wife, Elana, of the well-known Daniel’s Electric here in the Five Towns. For the last many years, Danny and Elana and family have resided in Hewlett.

Both Benny and Danny bring their extensive business experience to the political arena and are applying those backgrounds to formulating policies for the betterment of Israel. “Money is the real international language,” Danny told us recently. “If you want to bring peace and better relations between countries,” he says, “let them do business with one another.”

Since the new poll came out on Monday, the Goldsteins have been deluged by the Israeli media anxious to find out about the new party and the policies they plan and hope to promote. And I have to say that the Calcala approach to some of the old problems that plague Israel are indeed interesting and unique.

On how Calcala would deal with the latest round of rocket fire from Gaza directed at the Israeli civilian population, Danny says we have to ask ourselves, where are Hamas and the terrorists in Gaza acquiring the money to build and fire these missiles? He says that we have to find the source of the cash flowing into Gaza and simply cut it off, and that will put a stop to it.

Danny says that Calcala is not an ideological party but rather one that views policies from the perspective of economics. It is those positions that everyday people are able to identify with. On the sensitive issue of the so-called two-state solution and moving people out of settlements in Judea and Samaria, Danny Goldstein says it is fairly simple. “It will cost way too much money and not be economically feasible to move people around like that and close up communities that have been flourishing for decades,” he says.

The new poll shows a fascinating shift in the Israeli electorate, with the new Likud/Yisrael Beiteinu Party garnering 35 seats, a revitalized Labor Party receiving 21 mandates, Shas taking 11 seats, Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid receiving 13 seats, Am Salem 3 seats, and Calcala at least 4 seats. The poll shows Kadima receiving no seats at all in the election.

Danny Goldstein will be in the Five Towns over this coming weekend to meet with those interested in helping him and Benny make that final push into the seats of power in the State of Israel. v


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