Herzog thinks Netanyahu isn’t doing enough on Iran. PHOTO: Kobi Gideon/Flash90

Over the last six years of holding office, Prime Minister Netanyahu has made strengthening Israel’s security the centerpiece of his premiership. Yet on the one security issue where virtually all Israelis agree, preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, some politicians think that Netanyahu — perceived as a hawk — is not tough enough.

The leader of the Zionist Camp Party, Yithzak Herzog, recently said that Prime Minister Netanyahu wasn’t doing enough when it came to Iran. Herzog said that, the “magnitude of the damage done to Israel’s security in the past six years makes is properly tested against the standards set by Netanyahu himself. Even according to Netanyahu’s measuring stick, Bibi has failed on security.”

Herzog then spoke of Iran’s recognition of Israel, and, going beyond the Prime Minister’s demands, added that, “we [the Zionist Camp] would seek that in the framework of any deal, that Iran would recognize Israel as a member of the United Nations and make clear that it accepts Israel as a member of the family of nations. I am seeking this even today from the Powers [P5+1] handling the negotiations [with Iran.]”

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Source:: The Algemeiner


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