The kindergarten children of HALB Lev Chana celebrated the letter ה with a visit from the Rockaway Nassau Ambulance Unit. This trip was organized by Mr. Chezky Mandel, director of operations for Rockaway and Nassau and father of Dovid, a HALB Lev Chana kindergartner. The Hatzolah ambulance arrived Friday morning as 100 children patiently waited their turn to hear about what Hatzolah does and visit the inside of the ‘bus’. Mr. Alan Hammer, veteran Hatzolah member, spoke with the children as he demonstrated the equipment he and the medics use on calls. One point that Mr. Hammer emphasized over and over again was the need for the children to know their addresses and phone numbers, so that if, chas v’shalom, they need to call for help, they will be able to tell the Hatzolah operator where they live. Mr. Hammer suggested the children practice every erev Shabbat. Thank you to Mr. Hammer and Mr. Mandel for teaching us about the important work of Hatzolah.


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