After 18 months of wrongful, unlawful imprisonment in Bolivia, Jacob Ostreicher was released TODAY on bail. Assemblyman Hikind (D-Brooklyn), a confidant and advocate for the Ostreicher family since Jacob’s incarceration, called the occasion “the beginning of the end of Jacob Ostreicher’s nightmare.”

“This is the first really good news we’ve received regarding Jacob and all of us are extremely optimistic,” said the Assemblyman. “We’re hoping to have Jacob reunited with his family in Borough Park very soon.

“I couldn’t be prouder of our community for staying involved with the Ostreichers–for caring as much as they do and constantly keeping Jacob’s situation in mind. Keep praying. The Al-mighty hears us.”

Members of the Ostreicher family are currently in Bolivia where Jacob has reportedly been sentenced to house arrest with bail set at 100,000 Bolivianos ($14,265.30 U.S.)

Source: Press Release


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