At the starting line of the 5K HOD Society Race
At the starting line of the 5K HOD Society Race
At the starting line of the 5K HOD Society Race

Hundreds of runners, volunteers, and spectators attended the 3rd Annual Halachic Organ Donor Society Race on Sunday, March 3, in Central Park to raise awareness about halachic support for organ donation. Sixteen iPhones were awarded to the six winners of the race and ten participants raising over $500 for HOD Society.

The race winners were SAR sixth-grade student Akiva Najman-Licht (first-place male preteen), Yeshivah of Flatbush seventh-grade student Audrey Laboz (first-place female preteen), Yeshivah of Flatbush eleventh-grade student Jack Sasson (first-place male teenager), Torah Academy High School tenth-grade student Tova Blau (first-place female teenager), Yeshiva University senior Dov Levine (first-place male adult), and Stern College senior Sarah Mizrachi (first-place female adult). A free round-trip ticket to Israel was also awarded to Rabbi Dr. Henry Hasson, who raised the most sponsorship dollars for the HOD Society.

The platinum sponsors for the HOD Society race were Phibro Animal Health Corporation, Loketch and Partners LLP, and New York Organ Donor Network. The gold sponsors for the HOD Society race were Amlon Resources Group LLC, Bentex Group, Hidrock Realty Inc., Levi Korsinsky LLP, Lilker Associates Consulting Engineers PC, and New Jersey Sharing Network.

The mission of the HOD Society is to save lives by increasing organ donations from Jews to all of humanity. HOD Society raises awareness of halachic support for organ donation and provides a unique halachic organ-donor card. HODS has saved more than 200 lives, educated more than 360,000 Jews about organ donation, and recruited hundreds of rabbis to carry organ-donor cards. v


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