The Hold Me Tight two-day seminar is an evidence-based relationship-enrichment program developed by Dr. Susan Johnson, an internationally recognized researcher and creator of emotionally focused therapy (EFT) for couples. This psychodynamic program has been offered nationally and internationally, and it is the first time it is being offered to the observant Jewish community exclusively.

It is designed to teach you and your spouse/partner how to move away from cycles of conflict, increase emotional responsiveness, forgive old wounds, and rekindle desire and affection. The program offers communication techniques for when partners are inaccessible and in the grip of strong emotion. This seminar will help you and your spouse to deescalate negative patterns and scripts that erode the bond between you and allow you to reengage securely and meaningfully.

At the seminar, you will be presented with findings from marriage and attachment research so you can make sense of the cycles that couples find themselves stuck in. You will see engaging video of other couples who represent the most common patterns of conflict.

At various times, you will be asked to break off from the group and engage in structured conversations with your spouse/partner. You will not be asked to work with anyone other than your spouse and you are not required to share any personal experiences with the larger group.

If you have any further questions, please contact Marcy Davidovics, LCSW, EFT candidate, at or 917-586-5360.


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