Tinseltown twitter feeds, gossip blogs and Facebook pages are awash with, um, reports, that actress and Jupiter Ascending star, the very pregnant Miss Mila Kunis plans to soon give birth in a pool of supposedly blessed “Kabbala water.”

The liquid, according to proponents, holds holy properties, although what those properties precisely are is questionable.

But operators, on some higher plane, are, no doubt standing by for your order.

Anyhoo, OK! Mag breathlessly reported on Hollywood Life’s report (whoops — there’s that durn word again), “a friend close to the actress revealed an interesting tidbit of information – Mila wants to give birth in a pool of Kabbalah water. Interesting!”

Well, lowercase ok, then!

“Since Mila has gotten pregnant,” Hollywood Life writes, she has, God love her, “become more spiritual,” and has gone as far as to adopt “several kabbalah rituals from her fiance” and neo-rabbinic spirit guide, Ashton Kutcher.

“Interestingly enough, Ashton was turned on to Kabbalah by his ex-wife, Demi Moore.”

Meanwhile, “It’s a dream for Mila and Ashton, and even if he doesn’t fully convert, he’s very much into the idea of having little Jewish babies,” an insider told the Radar site.

“While some women give birth in hospital rooms, Mila wants to give birth in a pool of Kabbalah water,” the site claims, admitting, however, “Now, that is something we have not heard before!”

Meanwhile, Gossip Cop comes to the rumor-slaying rescue, snarling that “HollywoodLife hasn’t heard of fact-checkers, either.

“There’s no truth to this story.

“It’s ‘false,’ a source close to the situation,” told Gossip Cop.

But, just to be on the safe side, the 30-year-old actress has “been eating only kosher food and has Ashton recite psalms to her every night before bed,” according to the OK!, ‘erm, report.

God help us, there’s that word again.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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