By Shalom Pollack

Day Six of the  third round

For the first time in these six days of hostilities an Israeli civilian was  seriously injured by a  Kassam rocket that landed in Ashdod. The amazing “Iron Dome” missile defense system is not infallible and shrapnel hit the  teen from twenty five  yards  away. We are praying for his  life right now.

Another young man, a soldier on the  border, was hit  with mortar shrapnel a few  days  ago and is  now out of critical  condition, than God.

Curiously, this  combat soldier comes  from Itamar, a village in Samaria. It is one of the “settlements” that  the Israeli  Left would love to bulldoze  and give to the terrorists of the  Palestinian Authority, it is  the one area that  has been safe   from terrorist rocket attacks during this  latest round. There are Israelis that would transform it  into another launching pad  for  rockets  as they have done in their  great wisdom in  Gush Katif in Gaza.

Last night  there  were  demonstrations in Tel Aviv. You guessed it. The “enlightened ones” have  begun calling for a cessation of Israeli attacks in  Gaza. It’s the  same  story all over again. Our enemies can   always rely on their  allies in Israel. It is  all  just too  predictable.

Lenin called the  fools in the West  who defended  Communism , his”useful  idiots” They were  mostly Jewish then as well…

Last night at eight oclock, Hamas made a dramatic  announcement: “At nine o clock Tel Aviv  (including the useful idiots) will be visited  with a massive  missile barrage. Residents  have one hour to leave the city”

They  did attack, but  “the Iron Dome”, and the Shield of  Abraham  above it, intercepted  them all, saving tens of thousands of lives.

They were  returning the favor: We call each building that we  target that  houses terrorists or missiles,  and they call  to say they are going to  wipe out a city – because it houses  Jews,  Evacuate.  Fair is fair.

As night falls today, the Arabs of Hamastan have shot over one hundred  missiles into Israel, as far north as the Galilee. I shudder to think that each one of them was  meant to kill as many as my brothers  and sisters  – and children as possible.

I also shudder as I remember how  Yitzchak  Rabin assured us there  never will be a missile fired from Gaza (so we can comfortably  hand it over to Arafat) and Shimon Peres made light of the missile  threat when he coined the  scornful phrase, “Kassam Kashmam”.

Commentators tell us that Hamas is waiting  for the big one – that is a  strike that will kill a whole lot of Jews, children would be  a particular  delight. Then, the Arab mobs in Gaza, Ramallah, Jerusalem  and in Haifa  can finally celebrate as they  did  when our three  boys  were  found  murdered.

So far they  are  very frustrated and  we hear the  usual complaints  from the  world about how lopsided this  conflict is. Almost two hundred  “Palestinians” killed with over one thousand wounded  and  we have   so very few  causalities! Truly unfair!

We  have some  explaining to  do don’t we !?


Thank God. Thank  God.


As a  very  great man once said, “I  prefer an unpopular Israel to a  popular Auschwitz”  He  was so ,so right  – about this too.


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