Avigayil Kanner and Talia Rapps spend time with a happy resident at Grandell
Avigayil Kanner and Talia Rapps spend time with a happy resident at Grandell
Avigayil Kanner and Talia Rapps spend time with a happy resident at Grandell

By Rochelle Maruch Miller

Selecting the right nursing-care facility can be critical to a patient’s speedy recovery. Previously, I have written about Grandell Rehabilitation and Nursing Center and the variety of outstanding services it provides. I discussed Grandell’s secure dementia unit, highlighting the compassionate and respectful care afforded to every resident. Grandell is home to every resident, whether short-term or long-term. For members of our community, Grandell is a place to call home. You will always be greeted with a friendly “hello,” a smile, and an attentive and patient attitude.

Grandell is in the process of a multimillion-dollar renovation project offering beautiful private rooms overlooking the ocean in its designated short-term rehabilitation unit. At Grandell, every short-term rehabilitation resident is warmly welcomed as a whole person. Working in tandem, the dedicated team of professionals works with residents and their families to provide exceptional care based on their physical and emotional capabilities.

“We pride ourselves in having a highly trained team of therapists, including physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists, offering rehabilitation seven days a week, utilizing the latest rehab equipment, [including] the state-of-the-art AlterG treadmill,” explained Moishe Heller, corporate administrator of Grandell. “The AlterG offers anti-gravity treatments and speeds up recovery, enabling you to be home with loved ones quickly and safely.”

The quality of the professionals distinguishes Grandell from other skilled-nursing facilities and ensures that the residents receive the highest quality of care. The team members are highly trained, caring professionals with a superb track record in residential health and rehabilitation. Additionally, every staff member is deeply committed to Grandell’s core values.

Whether they serve in a skilled healthcare, rehabilitative, administrative, or support capacity, the Grandell team members go the extra mile for every resident. You get one opportunity to make a great first impression, and Grandell had me–as they do most visitors–at the first hello! With meticulous attention to every detail, the people of Grandell have created a first-class, heimishe, home-away-from-home with heart.

“We have a large staff of frum people from the community who are sensitive to the needs of heimishe residents and their families,” Mr. Heller told the 5TJT. “Avigayil Kanner, whose husband is Rabbi Elozer Kanner, the noted daf ha’yomi maggid shiur and one of the coordinators of Hatzalah, is our admissions coordinator and has been an integral part of Grandell for almost ten years. She is well known in the community. Avigayil is very knowledgeable in the admissions process and is sensitive to the needs of the heimishe residents and their families. She is very responsive to their special requests such as Shabbos accommodations, food, and other requests.”

You will find Avigayil to be an absolute pleasure to deal with; personable and patient, she will attempt to accommodate your needs. Do you have a special dietary request? Are you in need of Shabbos accommodations for family members? Are you in the preliminary stages of selecting a facility and would like to know more about Grandell? Avigayil cordially invites you to come for a tour. Bring your family and your questions and preview this five-star facility. You’ll feel surrounded by friends!

When I spoke to Avigayil last Friday, she had just returned from visiting the rehab unit. “One of the residents was about to be discharged. His daughter was so appreciative of the support and training our therapy team was providing for her father’s aides to care for him at home.” Avigayil added, “For me, the most rewarding aspect of my work is providing our residents with a high level of comfort in what may be a stressful time. I am often endorsing the care that Grandell provides. Every member of our staff is deeply connected to our residents–they truly care about them and the residents feel comfortable, safe, and secure. We encourage families to participate in their loved ones’ recovery plans. I just saw a family enjoying a meal together. Grandell is a warm and welcoming place–many lasting friendships are formed here, and my own family, friends, and neighbors have been here for rehab.”

Talia Rapps is another key frum member of Grandell’s team. “We hired Talia to be a patient representative and customer service liaison. Her background is in social work and she has a warm personality and a radiant smile,” Mr. Heller said. “The residents and their families enjoy her company and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that a heimishe person is there for them and can be reached on her cell phone at any time.”

Congenial and charming, Talia, like Avigayil, is a beloved integral member of Grandell’s team of professionals. “When a resident is in crisis, they know they can reach me at any time. They have my cell number–they can call or text me and I will respond. I give them emotional support when they are in crisis. I will visit them, and bring them a teddy bear . . . Even if they have a family, I am their ‘point person’–they know they can count on me. If I have extra time, I will take them on the boardwalk or take them on a trip. I am there for them on their journey.” For Talia, the most rewarding aspect of her work at Grandell is being able to enrich the lives of the residents. “Every day is beautiful and extremely fulfilling,” she says.

“Grandell recently brought on board the renowned Dr. Perry Stein, a highly skilled frum physician and member of our community, who is sensitive to our needs,” says Moishe Heller.

From the moment you enter Grandell, you will feel the warmth permeating its environs. Family-owned and family-operated, Grandell considers residents and their families of paramount importance.

“Our goal is to provide the best care for each and every one of our residents,” said Baruch Giberstien, administrator of Grandell. “We are a heimishe facility and are very connected to the Five Towns, Far Rockaway, and Long Beach communities. Many of our employees are active members of the community. Our doors are always open to our residents and to their family members. I’m always accessible, and so is every member of my staff. We are there for them, to answer their questions, to attend to their needs, and give them peace of mind.”

“We are a glatt kosher facility under the Vaad HaRabbanim of Queens,” Mr. Giberstien said. “We have daily minyanim. We are constantly striving to improve our quality of care, as evidenced in our five-star ratings. We take great pride in having achieved the five-star rating from CMS (Medicare.gov) and having had three deficiency-free surveys.”

He added, “Although our commitment to quality has been recognized by independent observers, our best testaments come from residents, their families, and friends. Over the years, we have been privileged to serve the heimishe community with distinction and pride. We are blessed to be zocheh in being the right shaliach getting so many people better, stronger, thus having a refuah sheleimah, b’ezras Hashem.”

At Grandell, home is truly where the heart is.

For further information, please call 516-889-1100, ext. 301. Grandell Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is located at 645 West Broadway in Long Beach, New York. v

Rochelle Maruch Miller is a contributing editor for the Five Towns Jewish Times. She is a journalist and creative media consultant who writes for magazines, newspapers, websites, and private clients. She can be reached at Rochellemiller04@aol.com.


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