By Arye Nisonson

It is a big challenge getting construction on your home or office right the first time; navigating your way through the experience without a breakdown in communication between you and your contractor; and getting the kind of work and quality of work that you are paying for.

That is where HomeCore comes into the picture. The dynamics between contractors and homeowners have traditionally been a tenuous and sometimes uncertain type of relationship. For those who have difficult or challenging construction experiences behind them–and don’t we all–you will probably find yourself wishing after you read this that there was a HomeCore type of service and available when you were doing your project.

The HomeCore team knows the many facets of construction. Once retained to monitor a project, homeowners can rest assured that their home or other edifice will be built with professional monitoring that assures maximum efficiency.

When HomeCore goes to work for you, they become an extension of you on the job. They represent your interests and concerns about the level and quality of the work which are professionally communicated to the contractor. HomeCore also oversees the dispensing of payments so that disbursements are only made for aspects of the project that are already completed, inspected, and approved by HomeCore construction experts.

A service like this is long overdue, especially with stories and experiences of contractors taking other jobs, doing inferior work, and signing misleading contracts, resulting in your awaiting completion of your home and being able to move in. Not knowing what happens next on a construction project can lead to a disaster like experience. If you are about to embark on a new construction project or even if you are in the midst of doing so, it pays to sit down and meet your HomeCore representative and avoid construction difficulties down the road.

Amongst the vital and important things that HomeCore can immediately accomplish for you are items like obtaining lien waivers from your contractor, making certain that the work you were promised is the work you are getting, and making certain that your contractor has valid licensing and is properly insured. In addition, HomeCore experts perform spot checks to assure that the craftsmanship and materials used are up to par and in line with your contract.

This is just a small introduction to what HomeCore can mean to your home-building plans and the peace of mind and quality construction that you can be assured of. For more information and an appointment, call HomeCore at 516-499-7538 or visit v



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