An over-the-top instructional video has been  released from a Homeland Security department on what to do if you are caught up  in a mass shooting.

The six-minute tape, complete with pulsating  soundtrack and blood spatter, advises that the best way to survive is follow  three steps – run, hide or as a last resort, fight.

The clip was produced by the Houston Police  Department in Alabama and published on November 5 by the state’s Homeland  Security department. It depicts the nightmare which unfolds as a sole gunman  stalks employees in an office building.

The melodramatic video has attracted a flurry  of comments on YouTube about gun control and a variety of survival  tips.

As the clip begins, a voice-over says: ‘It  may feel like another day at the office but occasionally, life feels like an  action movie.’

The camera then cuts between office workers  happily chatting, working at their desks and answering phones to a man dressed  in black, wearing sunglasses and carrying a backpack.  

The voice reminds members of the public: ‘You  have to be prepared for the worst.’

The graphic content then shows the man in  black removing a shotgun from his backpack and opening fire on a crowded  reception area as employees drop to the ground, blood spraying across walls and  people running away screaming.

The voice-over continues: ‘If you are ever to  find yourself in the middle of an active shooter event, your survival may depend  on whether or not you have a plan.’

The Homeland Security video suggests that  there are three options for those caught up in the terrifying situation – run,  hide, fight.

The clip then shows several employees darting  between office cubicles to find an escape route. However, the video reminds the  public that although they should help others – ‘don’t let them slow you down  with indecision’.

Back in the building, other employees crouch  behind tables and photocopiers, locking doors and turning off lights as screams  and gunshots ring out.

In the final scene, a group of trapped  employees decide to ‘fight’ as one  woman cries hysterically. The others arm  themselves with a chair, fire  hydrant, coffee pot and leather belt as the  gunman bursts in.

At the end of the instructional video, shaken  employees gather around a fire truck as the life-saving instructions flash  across the screen once more.

The video, which appears on Alabama’s  Department of Homeland Security website, was posted on YouTube on November  5.

It comes with the disclaimer: ‘An individual  must use his/her own discretion during an active shooter event as to whether  he/she chooses to run to safety or remain in place.’

There has been a spate of deadly shootings  across the U.S. this year culminating in the tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary  school on December 14 where 20 children and six teaching staff were killed.

Source: The Daily Mail


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