The kosher world is buzzing about Norman’s groundbreaking new product–chalav Yisrael Greek yogurt. After hitting the shelves on December 19, the yogurt sold out in just hours. “We had three flavors available,” says Shamshi Segedin of Gourmet Glatt in Brooklyn. “Within minutes, two flavors were sold out. The third lasted maybe two hours. The demand has been nonstop. We can’t keep up!” Howie Klagsburn of Gourmet Glatt Emporium in Cedarhurst quickly sold out of the two shipments he received. “We’re waiting for more to come in,” he remarked. “Hopefully we’ll have within the next few days.”

Similar sentiments are being expressed all over the tri-state area. “When I heard my friends raving about Norman’s Greek Yogurt, I ran to the store to try some for myself,” says S.W. of Lakewood, NJ. “Unfortunately for me, it was all sold out! I’m now waiting for my supermarket to receive a new shipment–and it can’t come soon enough.”

C.S. of Monsey was enthusiastic about trying Greek yogurt for the first time, since there had never been a chalav Yisrael Greek yogurt in grocery refrigerators. “I have relatives who eat non-chalav Yisrael all the time. Now I can finally have some for myself. Norman’s Greek Yogurt completely blew away my expectations.”

It’s not just the adults, however. E.S. of Brooklyn was excited about the strawberry flavor. “My kids are picky eaters, but I know they will love the creamy, tangy taste of strawberry Greek yogurt. And it’s great to know they’re getting so many vital nutrients.”

What is it about this product that’s making such a stir? Norman’s Greek Yogurt was developed by a panel of experts who sought to capture the rich texture and magnificent taste that exceeds the standard in the marketplace. For the first time, tens of thousands of households who consume only chalav Yisrael will be able to enjoy the taste and benefit from the yogurt’s healthy features. The Greek yogurt is made in Norman’s exclusive chalav Yisrael factory, and is produced in small batches to ensure that every spoonful is of the highest quality.

Norman’s Greek Yogurt comes in six delicious flavors–plain, strawberry, peach, black cherry, vanilla, and blueberry. Additional flavors are due to be added in coming months. Starting at just 100 calories a serving, it is enough to satisfy the palate of yogurt lovers while providing a whopping 14-18 grams of protein (depending on the flavor). For dieters, it is certainly an alternative to high-carb and sugar free products.

Norman’s Dairy Delights said that they “were delighted to be able to bring this healthy and tasty addition to the kosher consumer.” The company, which is planning to release many new recipes using the Greek yogurt, said that the product can be used in many ways. For example, it suggested: “Add some fruit and honey, place it on top of pancakes, substitute it for cream cheese in recipes, or just grab a carton for a quick snack on the go–the possibilities are endless, and so are the benefits.” Norman’s added: “Imagine a 6 oz. cup of yogurt that is loaded with all the minerals the body requires and can be as satisfying as a meal at any time of the day.”

Norman’s Dairy has already released a statement acknowledging the shortage. “We sympathize with all the people who haven’t managed to get their hands on our Greek yogurt yet. We’d be frustrated too! Fortunately, the reaction has been tremendous and we’re currently increasing capacity so that we can keep up with the huge demand and make Greek yogurt available in even more stores. Until then, try to hang in there, and keep an eye out for many more innovative dairy products coming soon.” v


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