Genocidal hate propaganda is back in the world, though it’s never reported in the American and European media. To report the constant stream of hate agitation against the West and Israel would undermine the socialist-Islamist alliance that apparently has run the world since Arab oil embargo of 1973. On the web, is a scholarly source of translations of daily hate agitation among the hundreds of millions of people who speak Arabic, Urdu, and Persian (Farsi). They are constantly drenched in ugly racial and cultural hatred.

One part of that hate industry is paid for by Sunni Muslims like the Saudis and the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt. Independently, the Iranian Shi’ites run both agit-prop and influence-buying operations in Europe and the United States. In Italy the neo-fascist Five Star Movement dances to the tune played by the mullahs of Iran.

It now seems that modern jihadist warfare against the West started with the Arab oil embargo of 1973. As Thomas Lifson has hinted in these pages, the Western green movements rose to tremendous power in countries like Germany about the same time. Contrary to liberal delusions, oil powers and green politicians like Al Gore have huge common interests in blocking domestic energy production. Lock down US oil production, and the Gulf Arabs and Iranians will control the price of oil from the biggest spigot in the world. By squeezing the oil supply, greens and oil dictocrats have been buying political and media power since 1973. By 1979, Jimmy Carter signaled American surrender to one of the biggest Gulf oil producers, the Iranian regime run by the medieval reactionary regime of Ayatollah Khomeini.

Those nice folks are now within months or so of obtaining nuclear weapons, any time they decide to sprint to the finish. With that sword hanging over our heads, President Obama, who has failed to act against Iran’s nuclear development for five years, is now conducting “peace” negotiations combining the US, Russia, the EU and Iran. The first product of that gang of political thieves and robbers has been an open surrender to Iran’s nuclear and great power ambitions.

In other words, over the last five years Obama has lied and lied about America’s intentions to block Iranian nukes, assuring the world that the martyrdom ideology of Iran would never be allowed to get the ultimate weapon of genocide. It now seems that Obama has deliberately facilitated Iran’s nukes with the aim of coercing Israel to withdraw to its 1948 ceasefire lines. Which is where things stand right now.

The enormous risk of Obama’s brinkmanship is that Iran is inherently irrational in nuclear terms, constantly indoctrinating its children in the virtues of martyrdom in war. Normal nuclear powers evolve toward stability, because they are not suicidal. But a suicide-worshipping regime like Imperial Japan would have had no inhibitions about using nukes in a …read more
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