Have you ever asked yourself this question? If you had to give yourself a letter grade, what would it be? How would you measure the quality of your support? Do you visit Israel often? Do you support Israeli causes? Do you sign petitions supporting Israel? That’s a good starting point. But let’s get a little more sophisticated . . .

Have you ever ventured outside your comfort zone to advocate on behalf of Israel? Have you encouraged others to support Israeli causes? Have you contributed towards the support of the IDF soldiers who bravely protect our homeland?

Let’s take it even a step further: Would you visit Israel’s vulnerable communities, the so-called “disputed” territories, to show local residents your support? Have you ever stepped foot in a real bomb shelter to see and feel firsthand the terrifying realities that many Israelis face on a constant basis?

These are some important questions to answer.

Today Israel faces some of the most frightening threats that it has faced since its founding–existential threats from Iran, military threats from its neighbors, and political threats from the international community. The country, its communities, and residents need our support more than ever!

No matter how you answered the questions above, now is the time for all of us to put in extra effort to improve our grade. Where do you start? With so many options available to support Israel, it can be difficult to decide where your help will make the most difference or where your money can actually make a real impact on the larger picture.

If you want one surefire way to give the most meaningful contribution of time or resources, find the people or organizations that help the modern day pioneers of Israel–the men and women who valiantly choose to live their lives and raise their families in the vulnerable communities of YESHA–the Hebrew acronym for the areas of Judea and Samaria and what once were beautiful communities in Gaza.

These are the unsung heroes that are transforming the facts on the ground, populating the land that has been ours for millennia, yet constantly at risk of being sacrificed to concessions and withdrawals. We need to do everything we can to show our support and help these 360,000+ residents. Whether they need basic amenities to help their community flourish or sophisticated security and emergency medical equipment to keep their families safe, it is our responsibility to come to their aid. They are courageously standing on the front lines on behalf of you, your family, and the rest of the Jewish people.

At the forefront of this effort is One Israel Fund (oneisraelfund.org). For nearly two decades, One Israel Fund has provided a variety of humanitarian needs, including crucial security systems to keep towns and villages safe. Regardless of what you may hear about ceasefires and lulls in fighting, terrorists continue to plan attacks on Jewish towns–especially those in Judea and Samaria–unabated. Incidents are occurring almost on a daily basis, but few of us are even aware of them.

While the media is heralding presidential visits and restarting failed peace talks, below the surface there is a daily threat that continues to menace so many Israelis–the threat of homegrown terrorism. The threat is real and frightening to the brave families who live in harm’s way, but One Israel Fund is at the forefront, on the ground, making a massive impact in the area.

If there is one thing you do today to increase your support of Israel and improve your grade, make a donation to One Israel Fund. Their 19th annual dinner is taking place next week and it is our opportunity to do something tangible and meaningful on behalf of our beloved homeland. You can participate online at oneisraelfund.org or by calling their office at 516-239-9202. v


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