On Friday morning, Adam Lanza, 20, got into  his car and left the house he shared with his mother,  Nancy Lanza, who’s lifeless body was now hidden within after Adam had shot her dead.

Lanza entered the school shortly before 9:30  a.m. dressed entirely in black and carrying two automatic handguns

At 9:30, classes began at Shady Hook. It was  the same school where  Nancy Lanza taught kindegaten .

Surrounded by woods, the building appeared to  be an idyllic small town school.

As classes begin Adam Lanza entered the  school.

He was armed with one rifle, a Bushmaster  .223 Remington with more than 30 rounds, and two pistols, a Sig Sauer P226 9mm  handgun with 15 rounds and a Glock 9 mm with 17 rounds.

Shortly after entering the school, Lanza  opened fire.

He shoot the principle, five other adults,  and twenty children in just two rooms of the elementary school.

Witnesses later described the scene as  nightmarish.

One man described how his younger sister  first became aware of the shooting spree after she heard bullets and  screams  coming through the intercoms in the buildings.

Children described hearing loud booms as the  gunman let out as many as 100 rounds and as their teachers ushered  them into  corners away from his killing spree.

Five minutes after the start of classes, the  first 911 call goes out.

Ten minutes after Lanza began shooting,  police arrive at the school in response to a 911 call.

They began evacuating students and teachers  to a fire station a little less than half a mile away.

Images later showed the traumatized,  crying students hand-in-hand as they left  the buildings.

By 9:45 p.m. the SWAT team had begun to sweep  the premises.

Upon investigating the school further they  find Lanza has taken his own life.

Approximately half an hour after Lanza opened  fire, President Barack Obama is briefed on the tragedy.

A short while later police investigating  Lanza discover his mother’s body.

As police find Lanza’s mother, the shooter’s  brother, Ryan Lanza, discovered what his brother has done through a news report  on CNN that misidentifies Ryan as the killer.

Just after noon, Ryan Lanza left his  accounting office in Times Square and heads home to Hoboken, N.J.

Police met him there. He gave himself up and  was taken into custody for questioning.

Five hours after the first shot in the  school, a visibly shaken President Obama addressed the nation, struggling to  contain his emotions.

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