Turkish tank crossing into Syria (Photo: AP)

Op-ed: The US simply joined the Russian-Turkish party in Syria, essentially allowing Assad’s rule to continue–at least for now–and Iran and Hezbollah to establish their hold on the war-battered country. This is the worst possible outcome for Israel.

Alex Fishman, YNET NEWS

The Americans are now selling out the Syrian Kurds to the Turks–but we’ve already gotten used to their cynical foreign policy. What Israel is having a hard time getting used to, however, is the fact its biggest ally is completely disregarding Israeli interests in the Middle East.

Over the past two years, since the international intervention in Syria began, Western diplomacy has been trying to convince allies in the world to cooperate with the minorities in Syria. Alongside the Kurds and Druze, who are the two larger minority groups, there are other ethnic-religious groups in Syria who are demanding autonomy.

Israel has a “minority strategy” of its own that is based on the assumption that if Syria breaks into autonomous minorities, it would stop the Iranian/Shi’ite takeover of the country, and eventually thwart the main threat to Israel: an Iranian hold on the Golan Heights, on top of its hold on Lebanon.

Israel has tried coordinating positions with the Russians and Americans on different issues relating to Syria–at the highest ranks.

There were no expectations from the Russians–the very fact they were willing to even listen was an achievement in and of itself.

As far as the Americans are concerned, it appears the nuclear deal with Iran was not a one-off–the administration in Washington pays no mind to Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu, the Israeli Foreign Ministry, or the defense minister, Lieberman.

We have to admit it: Israel has no access to the White House. The Americans have been ignoring Israeli interests the entire time, starting with their betrayal of ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak through pretending there are no more chemical weapons in Syria, despite the fact they are being openly used.

Israel takes pride in its strategic dialogue with the United States, but it appears it’s more of a monologue–each side is talking to itself. The only issue the two nations have come together on during the Obama era is the hush money the US pays Israel to not get in the way.

Yes, the Americans do share information with Israel on their operations in Syria, and consult with the IDF. Israeli officials get excited every time an American general comes to talk about some operation. But these are merely sedatives–like the medals being handed out to our IDF chiefs when they visit the United States, an incentive for good behavior.

The Obama administration is buying Israeli obedience with weapons, while neglecting to mention that its arms sales to the Middle East are first and foremost meant to serve American interests. These gifts are actually tools the US uses to control the policies of its allies in the region.

The Americans view the Syrian Kurds as cannon fodder–an alternative to putting American boots on the ground–and it took Obama a year to realize that he also has to …read more

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