This will take you less than twenty minutes and will heat up your whole house.  It is very very worthwhile to do.   I personally have no power in my house and my children were freezing.  Now they are nice and warm.

These are the six items that you need:

1] A high cranking car battery

2] An inverter (one end is a cigarette plug the other end is an AC outlet).  It should be 150 watts or more.

3] A cheap small extension cord

4] Electrical tape

5] Wire stripper or scissors

6] Screw driver

Here is what to do step by step:

A] Cut the extension cord in half.  You now have a male AC plug with wire and a female AC outlet with wire.  Now cut off the female end of the extension cord.  Strip 1.5 inches off both sides of the plain wire on both sides.

B] Take one wire and wrap it around the very tip of the cigarette plug of the inverter.  Tape it well.  That tip is positive and you should connect that to the positive terminal of the battery.

C] Connect another wire to the metal clips on the side of the cigarette plug.  Wrap it around well and tape it well.  Make sure that this connection does not overlap to the positive side.  This wire you should connect to the negative terminal of the battery. YOU NOW HAVE A BATTERY THAT IS CONNECTED TO A LIVE AC OUTLET

D] Find the wires that connect your boiler to the house electricity. It should be in a box right outside the boiler.  Make sure that this is the correct wires.  Untwist them from the house electricity and reconnect them to the other side of the second half of your extension cord — with the male plug on the other side.

E] Your gas or oil boiler will now work. BE VERY CAREFUL AND MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE THE CORRECT WIRES AND NOT TO CROSS THE WIRES. Depending upon the crankage of the battery, this should last 3 or 4 days.  If you buy your battery at Auto Zone they have a warranty where you can charge your battery for free. AutoZone is located right in front of Brach’s.


  1. Assuming this method can be and is followed safely, doesn’t it require frequent refilling of the car’s gas tank to keep the battery charged? I’m skeptical about the ethics of trying to get a warranty recharge at AutoZone if the battery is being drained of charge for this purpose and not a normal automotive purpose.


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