Dear Friends and Supporters of Yehudah Glick.

We wanted to thank all those that sent messages of support for Yehudah. We apologize for not being able to respond to all of them. We have received hundreds of messages a day and many more calls, and many warm comments in the grocery store etc…
We thank Hashem every moment for the tremendous miracle that saved Yehudah’s life, we also thank Mada and Shaarei Tzedek for being outstanding partners. Yehudah is improving slowly but still has a long road ahead. He is still in the ICU (as of Thursday Nov 6th). We are delighted that he is improving daily

Here are some ways to help Yehudah and his cause

1- Tehillim – (sorry for the confusion regarding my mother’s name) correct name Yehudah Yehoshua Ben Ita Breina
2- Go up to the Har Habayit (H”H) – Try hard to focus on Tefillah and connecting with Hashem and try very hard to totally ignore those disgusting people that yell, curse the Non Muslim visitors and desecrate the Holiest Place in the world.
While Yehuda has been slowly but steadily improving, Har Habayit is still in critical condition. There is a certain level of increase in the Jewish presence on Har Habayit but it is a far cry from what it should be in “normal” times, and how much more so given the events of the last week.
Many of you have called and written to express your support to the family and we appreciate it all, however I ask you to do more. This is the time to go to Har Habayit. For those of you who have never been, it is time to consult with local rabbis and get instructions of how to do so according to halacha, it is not complicated. For those of you who have already been, you know the rules and it is time to return.

3- Write letters to anyone of influence regarding; A- the responsibility of the police to arrest those violent elements and to keep them off the H”H for significant periods of time, and B- the basic rights of Jews to pray on H”H

4-While writing letters feel free to note for those unaware that:
Yehuda was and is a man of peace and tolerance, He never demanded to kick the peaceful Muslims off the Temple Mount, He never supported or encouraged harming or destroying the Mosques in any way, He opposed any kind of violence, and felt that the Temple Mount should be a place of worship and that the violence perpetrated against Jews is a gross desecration of the Holy site! He firmly believes that it is beyond obvious that Jews have the moral and legal right to pray on the Holiest site for Judaism and that the police, as difficult as it may be, have the responsibility to defend that right.

5- Financial support:
Haliba is Yehuda’s Amuta and I’m sure financial assistance could help his legal as well as his education undertakings. See belowsome website links regarding the fabulous work Yehuda does. Gifts can be given via the Temple Institute on line but they must be earmarked for Yehuda Glick or for Haliba. Until Yehuda is healthy and able to follow his Amuta’s finances I would suggest sending a note to my email that a donation was given to the Temple Mount Institute on a given date in order to keep proper records my email is:


Yitz Glick (Yehuda’ s Brother on behalf of Yehuda)


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