Esther Fogel


By Dr. Esther Fogel

Today’s most up-to-date hearing aids are being redesigned as multipurpose devices that not only provide matchless sound quality for their users, but also enhance the way people get to navigate their world and manage their health and wellness.

The new Livio AI by Starkey, for example, boasts Alexa-style voice control, built-in language translation, heart-rate monitoring, and motion sensing that alerts loved ones when a fall is detected, which provides an invaluable level of comfort to older patients and their families. But that’s not all. Users of all ages will value the Livio’s artificial intelligence and integrated sensors that detect users’ levels of activity, movement, gestures, social interaction, and active listening to provide daily feedback about their body and brain health. Through a user-friendly app, this priceless real-time data allows wearers to be proactive about their physical and mental health.

The Oticon OPN hearing aids are another option that allows patients to integrate their hearing aids with their home lighting systems, appliances, email, calendars, and other devices. Imagine your hearing aids notifying you when your home alarm goes off or automatically texting or emailing a caregiver when its batteries are low. The possibilities are endless, the convenience is invaluable, and the safety measures are crucial.

The Widex EVOKE is considered the first “intelligent” hearing aid admired for its ability to evolve by remembering your listening preferences and then personalizing and optimizing your hearing experience in different environments. Whether you’re having a conversation in a loud restaurant, listening to a concert at the park, or chatting on the phone, the EVOKE knows what you want to hear and how you want to hear it. In our era of smart technology, why should hearing aids be left behind?

All three hearing aids offer hands-free volume control, custom comfort in a range of styles and colors, and Bluetooth capability that streams music, media, and phone calls at the volume they know is best for you. Always well-versed with the industry’s leading hearing technology, Comprehensive Audiology is here to help you make the right decision for your lifestyle.


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