Over 4,800 attended the Magenu Safety Day event in Marine Park this past Sunday on the overflowing park grounds. The FDNY was in attendance with its fire simulator vehicle to train children what to do and how to react in case of a fire. The New York State Police were on hand with its driving simulator to experience the dangers of driving without a seatbelt. Children were able to board the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Vehicles while learning about safety in event of a disaster. Both Hatzalah and Shomrim were on hand while showing children their ambulances and huge command centers for a first-hand look by the children.safety_day

It is a huge Kiddush Hashem that took place as all of New York City government agencies are in attendance today, stated Eli Verschleiser, a co-founder of Magenu. Ongoing live musical performances took place on stage which included the 8th day band singing their hit song Yalili, and surprise guest appearance Shea Rubenstein entertaining the crowds. 40+ carnival games, raffles, father-son races, and many prizes were there to entertain children. A magic show and the Brooklyn B Boys were all on stage at various times throughout the perfect weather. Magenu had a summer safety booth and information table set up and handed out literature to the thousands on hand.

“The summer can be very relaxing for children and adults.  Spend time with your child; ask them specific questions about their day.  Let them know that you are interested in all that happens to them and they can ALWAYS come to you” was one of the many messages Shani Verschleiser a co-founder of Magenu told the crowd.

Magenu through its Children Safety Initiative launched the “Do you Magenu?” campaign at the hugely successful event.

Having been in many Yeshivos and Beis Yackovs, Magenu has educated thousands of children, parents, administration, and teachers, in the various matters regarding children personal safety issues.


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