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Republican, Conservative & Independence Nominee easily dispatches Primary foe in higher primary turnout than Democrats; Blakeman Earns More Primary Votes than Democrat Rice

Bruce Blakeman won big last night.  He handily beat his primary opponent, Frank Scaturro, by a 2-1 margin in the Republican primary while earning another victory on the Conservative line by a 2 ½-1 margin.

With 100% of precincts reporting, the Nassau County Board of Elections unofficial results showed Blakeman winning a dramatic victory.

Blakeman won the Republican line by 65.07% to 33.87%, earning a larger victory margin and garnering more votes than Kathleen Rice, his official opponent in November, did on the Democrat line.  Rice had earned a mere 6,874 votes or just 55.90%.  Blakeman garnered over 1,500 votes more than that by 9:00pm last evening.

Rather than credit himself for the tremendous victory, Blakeman instead focused on uniting Republicans, Conservatives, independents and disaffected Democrats in order to fix a Washington that “continues to fail every homeowner, every middle class family, every senior and ever younger person looking for a better and brighter future.”

“Republicans and Conservatives have spoken tonight.  I’m honored by not only their faith but also their confidence in me.  I’m humbled how neighbors turned out in a higher number and provided me with a greater margin of victory than my Democrat opponent.  I’m excited to have earned their support and will continue fighting for to change Washington.  Together we can create the land of opportunity for all our neighbors,” Blakeman said.

“It is amazing to me how many Democrats wished they could have voted in the Republican Primary.  Moderate Democrats are fed up with the ultra-liberal policies of the Democrat Party and are looking to my campaign as an alternative so that their voices can be heard in Washington,” Blakeman said.

“But now is the time to unite Republicans, Conservatives, independents and disaffected Democrats.  I congratulate my primary opponent on a hard-fought race and again stepping into the arena to offer solutions on how to fix our nation.  I’m looking forward to Frank Scaturro’s support so we can work together and beat Kathleen Rice in November,” Blakeman stated.

“The support from our middle class families and seniors has been humbling.  I can’t thank our neighbors enough.  Our campaign going into the next few months will be about the future of our community.  We’re talking about ideas and smart policies.  We can no longer blindly go down President Obama’s path leading us nowhere.  We must create jobs, and I will.  I’ll restore our economy and stop the mortgaging of our future,” Blakeman added.

“My father, a World War II veteran who later served our community is here with me tonight.  His service and strength, coupled with his fellow veterans’ and current active duty military sacrifice, inspire me to fix our nation’s broken VA system,” Blakeman added.
Blakeman campaign spokesman Matt Coleman also summed up Blakeman’s overwhelming victory.

“Bruce Blakeman’s message truly resonated with our neighbors; last night’s results prove that.  Bruce easily won the Republican line by a 2-1 margin and was victorious by a 2 ½ x 1 margin on the Conservative line.  Bruce is the only candidate with three lines on the ballot in November,” Coleman said, referencing Blakeman’s ballot placement on the Republican, Conservative and Independence lines.  Kathleen Rice will only appear twice on the ballot on the Democrat and Working Families lines.

“Bruce Blakeman is the only candidate in this race with fresh ideas for Nassau’s families.  Bruce heads into the general election the big victor last night.  Our higher primary turnout and greater margin of victory that Kathleen Rice prove that,” stated Coleman.

“Bruce’s campaign to Change Washington by pushing back against the Obama Agenda while promoting opportunity, economic growth and the repeal of Obamacare will continue to earn the support of Nassau’s middle class families and seniors,” said Coleman who also noted that Kathleen Rice accepted the support of the far-left Working Families Party last night.

Rice’s acceptance of Working Families line is “just more proof that Kathleen Rice is running for Congress with the far-left Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda,” Coleman said.


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